Update 2 – Lights, Camera, Action!

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Hollow Land

Written by ArnoutBrokking

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So here’s the latest update on our progress…

Filming the playtest went pretty well, we had some technical challenges (but what would life be without challenges?) but I think it worked out really well in the end. We’re now in the process of editing 197GB of footage (roughly 5+ hours from 4 camera’s), and hopefully we can share the first video soon.

This meant that I haven’t had the chance to do a second Walk & Talk yet, but that will be remedied in the upcoming days.

Editing the Quickstart Guide is also progressing well, Camilla is at about 65%, so if you have signed up for the early playtest version, expect to hear from us soon. If you haven’t yet, but want in, drop us a line at hollowlandrpg AT gmail DOT com.


In other news, we’ve set up our Kickstarter-page, our identity has been verified, our bank account has been verified, our credit card has been verified, the size of our left toes have been verified, we’re only waiting for the content to be okayed by Kickstarter and then we can launch our pre-launch page. Or in short, you will be able to register at Kickstarter to get notified when we go live.


There’s more in the pipeline I can’t quite talk about, but keep an eye on this page for upcoming news, as well as a first look at our character sheet.