Update 1 – New website

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Hollow Land

Written by ArnoutBrokking

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And… we’re live! You can now also visit us on https://hollow-land.com.

The website is still pretty basic at this point, but it will grow as we get closer to december. There will be more on the setting and on characters soon, we’ll add some downloads, more information on the team and some other interesting things as well.

We’ve had some more great news this week, but unfortunately I can’t talk about that yet. (Is vaguebooking still a thing we do?)

What I can talk about, and will talk about in great abundance to everyone who gets within earshot, is how awesome the illustrations are that we got made for the QuickStart Guide. The fabulous

A.M.Sartor Illustration

has made some beautiful art, which I can’t wait for you all to see, and designed our character sheet as well.

We found that the atmosphere in Amanda’s art, her interest in folklore and her attention to detail, fitted perfectly with the story we want to tell. (If you want to see more of her work, head on over to: https://amsartor.com/)

We can’t wait to see what images she can conjure for us once we head further down the mysterious road that Hollow Land leads us on. For that we’ll need your help to make our Kickstarter-campaign a success, however, so spread the word if you can, and watch this space!