Update 3 – Video & Quickstart Guide

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Hollow Land

Written by ArnoutBrokking

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The edits to the Quickstart Guide are done! Which means that we’ll start sending the document out to our early testers this week. We are very proud of the Guide, and even though we realise that there’s probably a lot that we can still improve upon, we hope that you’ll have fun with our intro-adventure: the Cowardly Murder of Laurentia Vrolik.

If you want to know a bit more about Hollow Land, the setting and where the adventure starts, we just uploaded the first video of the playtest we did with Leonoor, Lexter, Daniel & Roos. Since this is just the introduction of the story and the setting, it is entirely spoiler free. Next up we’ll finish the video on character creation and introduce you to the heroes that they are playing. This will be another short, spoiler-free video. And then finally we’ll upload a (very spoiler heavy) play-through of the first act of the Cowardly Murder.

So, exciting times ahead! If you signed up for the early access, keep an eye on your inbox, and if you like what you see consider liking, sharing, subscribing, retweeting, tagging, hanging up posters in the neighborhood, etc. to spread the word.