Update 4 – A New Chapter Begins

mei 3, 2021

Hollow Land

Written by ArnoutBrokking

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The past couple of months have been challenging for a lot of people all over the world, and we are no different. COVID has thrown some vexatious spanners in the Hollow Land works. However, we are still committed to bringing to life this fabulous story… and we’ve found some cool people that also believe in our vision in the crew at Savage Worlds.

Savage Worlds is a universal role-playing game system known for settings such as Deadlands, Rifts, Pathfinder, Flash Gordon & Weird Wars. And, as of today, Hollow Land can proudly call itself an official license holder as well.

What does that mean? The major change from a player/historian perspective is that we will be using the Savage Worlds system from now on. Our own system already had a lot of similarities, so the transition will not be too difficult. (You can test drive Savage Worlds, including a Deadlands tale at: https://bit.ly/3sKstMD)

It also means that Hollow Land will be much easier to make its way into VTT (virtual tabletop such as Roll20, Foundry VTT or Fantasy Grounds).

And finally, we gain the help of a lot of very talented people, which will not only improve the quality of the story, but also, hopefully, its reach.

We are so very thankful of everyone who is on this adventure with us, either playtesting the story, spreading the word, or helping us in any other way. We are very excited to see where, with all of our combined efforts, we can take this world we share.